Ukraine finished the group stage Eurobasket 2017 with a confident victory

Украина завершила групповой этап Евробаскета-2017 уверенной победой

Ukraine beat Hungary

Ukrainian basketball players without problems defeated the team of Hungary.

Women’s team of Ukraine basketball team beat Hungary 84:72 in the third match of group tournament of the European championship, which takes place in the Czech Republic.

The Ukrainian team confidently began the match, attacked with high interest and most importantly – win the rebounds. By tradition, actively the match began, Yagupov and Udodenko, and also got their shots Malashenko, which in the first matches of the tournament a little remained in the shadows.

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In the beginning of the second quarter the Hungarians managed to get closer to Ukraine at the distance of one point, on which slaves responded in a timely timeout. Which is nice, “minute” from the coach of the Ukrainian national team proved to be very useful: our team gave a great cut and in the end not only did not allow the Hungarians to continue the comeback, but broke away in the score.

For the first time at Eurobasket 2017 national team of Ukraine in the third quarter, not only did not slow down, but rather increased his advantage. Our players shot the Hungarians from beyond the arc, including three long-distance at his own expense recorded olkhovyk. To knockdown the opponent sent Alina Yagupov, which first shipped a spectacular three-pointer, then stole the ball from Simon on the maintenance and in the fast break scored two more points. At the final break, our girls were gone, with over 21 points of advantage.

In the fourth quarter with a comfortable advantage, the Ukrainian team brought the match to victory and took second place in their group.

For a place in the quarter-finals, tomorrow, June 20, the team of Vladimir Kholopova will compete with a team that will lose in the match of group b Slovakia – Italy.

Hungary – Ukraine 72:84 (18:26, 12:21, 17:20, 25:17) Ukraine: Malashenko 17, Yagupov 17 + 7 assists + 4 steals, Udodenko 22 + 9 rebounds, 2 moss + 10 rebounds + 4 assists – start, olkhovyk 9, bila Tserkva 3, Gorobets 2, Cetkovska 0, Naumenko 0, Maznichenko 0, 0 Jackovich

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