Ukraine for the first time invited to G7

Украину впервые пригласили на G7

The initiative to invite Ukraine to the meeting of Ministers of the group of seven countries belongs to foreign Minister of Canada, Christ, Freeland. This year Canada is chairing the G7.

At a meeting of foreign Ministers of the group of seven, which will begin April 22 in Toronto for the first time invited the Minister of foreign Affairs of Ukraine. On Monday, April 9, according to the European true with reference to Ukrainian Ambassador to Canada, Andriy Shevchenko.

The diplomat stressed that for the first time in the history of Ukraine will be present for a scheduled event, the group of seven countries.

Shevchenko also confirmed that the Minister of foreign Affairs of Ukraine Pavlo Klimkin received the invitation to the meeting from his colleagues, canadian Minister Christi Freeland.

“It is time for serious, strategic decisions on Ukraine, Russia and on how to deploy the world face to world and international issues. We are happy that Ukraine will be able to join the hard but critical conversation, and look forward to making a valuable contribution to future joint decision,” – said the Ambassador.

Shevchenko noted that Ukraine is grateful to the Canada as the presidency of the G7, for this initiative.

“We see the invitation as a common will of all our friends in the group of seven countries”, – the diplomat added.

Ukraine hopes that this conversation will continue at the upcoming summit of the leaders of the G7 which will take place in June in the canadian region of Charlevoix, noted Shevchenko.

Earlier Groysman said that the Ukrainian issue will raise in the negotiations of the G7 in 2018.

Recall President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko counts on the help of the Great seven countries in the return of Crimea under Ukraine’s sovereignty.

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