Ukraine forcibly returned to Belarus propagandist

Украина принудительно вернула в Беларусь пропагандиста

SBU forcibly returned to their homeland Belarusians

Intelligence agencies of Ukraine were forcibly returned to Belarus Pro-Russian propagandist, who worked in the interests of another state.

The security service of Ukraine blocked the destructive activities of a citizen of Belarus P. Carnesecchi, who was spreading anti-Ukrainian propaganda on the territory of Ukraine. Specified Belarusian forcibly returned to their homeland, said on Wednesday, January 2, a press-the SBU center.

In particular, the operatives of the intelligence service established that the foreigner who lived in Ukraine illegally, has publicly spread false information.

“In particular, during appearances on some TV channels he questioned the internationally recognized evidence of the presence of the troops of the aggressor to (uncontrolled) areas of our state. Also P. Carnesecchi repeatedly published anti-Ukrainian materials in the media resources controlled by terrorist organizations “DNR” and “LNR”, – stated in the message.

According to the Ministry, January 2, alien forcibly returned to Belarus with the prohibition of entry to Ukraine for a period of three years.

Earlier in the SBU said that in 2018 in the course of counter-intelligence activities on the territory of the country was prevented eight terrorist attacks.

Also in the SBU reported about the exposure in the Odessa region military intelligence group, which, according to the Agency, was formed by Russian military intelligence to carry out sabotage and terrorist challenges in the southern region.

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