Ukraine got access to the European database to validate “eurobserv”

Украина получила доступ к европейской базе для проверки "евробляхеров"

Lithuania has provided Ukraine with access to the database to check “EuroBLECH”

Ukrainian border guards received from the Lithuanian colleagues access to the database, which will reduce the importation of cars on avtonomera.

Lithuania has given Ukraine access to the European database, which will be used to verify the legitimacy of import of cars in the European rooms. On Friday, October 5, reports UNN with reference to the words of the Chairman of the State border service of Ukraine Petro Chikala.

“Today gave us the package, through which you can enter in a European database… You know, today we have a lot EuroBLECH in the country. As a rule, they are either Lithuanian or Polish,” – said the Chairman of SBS.

He also noted that Ukraine is cooperating with Lithuania on the issue of cars that were exported from Lithuania and is considered destroyed or nonexistent, but appear in Ukraine in the Lithuanian rooms.

“So we are now getting information from them, let’s do a little checking to see whether it is legal to use these vehicles when crossing the border, or not… This will reduce the number of illegally imported to Ukraine of cars. There are EuroBLECH that come on the appropriate rooms for legitimate reasons, and there are cars that were stolen, but not in a shared database we have, so we do not see, stolen or not. And Lithuania, we now provides a database, which will allow you to identify these stolen cars, imported to us illegally”, he said.

Cigital also said that with the Polish colleagues also carried out cooperation in this direction.

“Those cars that are already registered in the database of Interpol – there is also abducted, and they join periodically we discover with them. We have identified about 500 cars. Given that we have a 157 border crossing points, school in database of Interpol. When I stop the broken rooms, the replacement of the body, is all manifested. The poles provide us with this information, we periodically exchange it”, – said the Chairman of SBS.

According to Cigital, after the machines are discovered, they are passed to the National police.

We will remind, in September the owners of the cars on avtonomera staged a protest under the Cabinet of Ministers. “Euroshare” also blocked the highway Kyiv-Kharkiv at Poltava.

Later it became known that the Parliament has postponed consideration of the question “EuroBLECH”.

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