Ukraine handed over to the IMF forecasts on the blockade

Украина передала в МВФ прогнозы по блокаде

Kiev is waiting for new data to be taken into consideration by the management of the Fund.

The national Bank of Ukraine transferred the updated macroeconomic indicators of the budget of the IMF to expedite the disbursement of the next tranche. This was at the briefing in Kharkiv said the Minister of social policy of Ukraine Andriy Reva, UNIAN reports.

“Yesterday (March 27 – ed.) national Bank has declared that it has agreed to a new macroeconomic indicators. They brought now up to the International monetary Fund. We now expect that these indicators will be taken into account and a decision on the allocation of the next tranche will appear in the agenda of the International monetary Fund and a decision will be made,” said Reva.

He recalled that the need to clarify the macroeconomic indicators of the budget of Ukraine appeared due to the blocking of commercial messages with the uncontrolled territories in Donbas.

“We suffered serious economic losses. When these losses became apparent, the agreements reached with the International monetary Fund, necessitated clarification of the macroeconomic indicators. Therefore, the IMF took a break,” said Reva.

As reported Корерспондент.netscheduled for March 20 meeting of the IMF in Ukraine defer to assess the impact of recent events on the programme of cooperation.

Yesterday it was reported that Kiev and the IMF virtually decided the issue of the blockade of Donbass.

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