Ukraine has accused Gazprom in the preparation of the crisis

Украина обвинила Газпром в подготовке кризиса

Russia may use an artificial crisis to put pressure on Europe, according to Naftogaz.

Ukrainian Naftogaz accused Russia’s Gazprom in the preparation of the gas crisis in January-February 2017. This is stated in the message of press-service.

Earlier, Ukraine has fined Gazprom on 172 billion. In turn, Moscow stated that Kiev may impose a fine selection of gas. Thus, the risk of a potential disruption of gas transit to the EU through Ukrainian territory, saying the Russian company.

“Naftogaz of Ukraine considers the statement of Gazprom on possible cessation of gas supplies to consumers in EU countries as a preparation of a new Russia gas crisis in January-February of 2017 to promote its own interests in relations with the EU”, – stated in the message.

The company stressed that this artificial crisis, Russia can use as a means of putting pressure on the EU “with the aim of promoting pipelines or termination of the antitrust investigation, which now leads the European Commission”.

In Naftogaz also noted that already invited the Commission to send a monitoring mission on the points of entry and exit of Russian gas to the Ukrainian gas transportation system for independent control over the transit.

Also we will remind that Gazprom appealed the decision of Kiev, but the courts of all instances, including the Supreme court of Ukraine refused to the Russian company in satisfaction of the complaint.