Ukraine has banned four Russian TV channel

В Украине запретили еще четыре российских телеканала

Monitoring of Russian TV channels have recorded violations of the Ukrainian legislation

The decision taken at a meeting of the national Council on television and radio broadcasting on August 31.

The national Council of Ukraine on television and radio broadcasting was excluded from the list of foreign programs which are allowed to relay in Ukraine four Russian TV channels. According to the press service of the Ministry, banned TV “my Joy”, “Peace series”, “commercial broadcasting television network Good News” and “Interesting TV”.

The reasons for this were recorded monitoring the regulatory authority of a breach of domestic legislation.

So, on air of TV channel “my Joy” was broadcast about a family of military that “creates for the audience a positive image of the Russian officer”. Monitoring TV channels the “World series” and “commercial broadcasting television network Good News” found the placement of commercial advertising, which is a violation of the advertising legislation of Ukraine.

Channel “Interesting TV” not allowed to relay due to the fact that time has not informed the national Council about reformatting.

As reported Корреспондент.net, in July, the national Council banned the rebroadcasting of the Russian TV channel “Nostalgia”.

According to the materials: