Ukraine has closed all troubled banks – DGF

В Украине закрыли все проблемные банки - ФГВФЛ

Konstantin Vorushilin told about the state of the banking sector

For a number of banks is carried out daily monitoring of the movement of assets and the status of the reserve Fund.

The NBU oversees all banks in Ukraine and at the moment of troubled banks left. On Thursday, September 13, announced the managing Director of the Deposit guarantee Fund of individuals (fgvfl) Konstantin Vorushilin in an interview with Interfax-Ukraine.

“Today there is no one troubled Bank. There are banks that have supervisors. NBU is following very closely behind all the banks. All operations of all banks are monitored… Monitor those banks that charged high interest rates caused by Bank managers. We monitor the state of their capital, their reserve funds. For a number of banks are looking for every day movement of assets in the framework of an early warning system,” said Vorushylin.

He also added that the concerns DGF is causing artificial loosening of the situation in the banks with Russian capital.

“We have concerns when you start to artificially undermine the situation at individual banks, for example, on Russian banks. There’s money of the Ukrainian depositors. Sberbank today, according to my subjective evaluation, is the strongest financially. VTB has the concept of folding and Pibe can not determine their ultimate concept,” said managing Director of the DGF.

According to him, the liquidity crisis in the banking sector, which in recent times began in the NBU does not exist.

“The liquidity crisis the majority of banks is missing. There is another problem – banks do not lend to the real sector of the economy. Banks are now found himself a loophole as bonds Treasury bonds and certificates of Deposit. In the result, the real sector of the economy can’t get loans. There is another reason – many borrowers are hopelessly spoiled their credit history, they do lend not… But to say that a large liquidity crisis exists, not to tell him. There is no crisis,” concluded Vorushylin.

Yesterday it was reported that the court arrested the shares of the subsidiaries of three Russian banks.

Earlier it became known that the Russian state-owned banks started to actively search for the exit from the Ukrainian market. Sberbank, VTB and Vnesheconombank are looking to sell subsidiaries in the country.

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