Ukraine has collected 58 million tons of grain

В Украине собрали 58 млн тонн зерновых

The grain harvest is almost assembled

Agrarians harvested 94% of the grains of the forecast.

As of 21 November, the Ukrainian agrarians harvested 57.8 million tons of grain and leguminous crops from an area of 13.8 million hectares, which is 94% of the forecast, with an average yield of 42 t/ha. reported on the official website of the Ministry of agrarian policy and food of Ukraine.

In particular, buckwheat is produced 198 thousand tons 180 thousand hectares (99%), millet – 83 thousand tons, 55 thousand ha (98%), corn – 19.5 million tons from 3.7 million hectares (82%).

In addition, agrarians harvested 11.8 million tonnes of sunflower from the area of 5.89 million ha (99%), 3.6 million tons of soybeans, with 1.9 million hectares (95%) and dug 13.6 million tons of sugar beet with 300 thousand hectares (94%).

Recall, the Ministry of agrarian policy and food of Ukraine said the previous forecast of grain harvest in 2017 at 62 million tons.