Ukraine has completed the world University games with 36 medals

Украина завершила Всемирную Универсиаду с 36 медалями

Ekaterina Lutsenko

The last three medals brought Ukraine gymnasts.

The national team of Ukraine took the sixth place team with 36 medals at the world summer Universiade, which ends in Taipei.

In the final, 10-day, medals of Ukraine brought exclusively gymnasts.

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Ekaterina Lutsenko became the silver prize-winner of Games-2017 in the exercise with clubs, gaining a total of 16,525 points, and the bronze medal in the exercise with the Hoop, gaining a total of 16,400 points.

In addition bronze medals of the student Games-2017 steel Marina Makarova, Valeriy gudym, Daria Owl, Anastasia Podrushnyak and Alina Bahno that with the amount of 15,550 points took the third place in group exercises with three balls and two jump ropes.

Thus, the student team of Ukraine 36 medals – 12 gold, 11 silver and 13 bronze. This allowed the final to take sixth place.

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