Ukraine has decreased the price of LPG

В Украине снизились цены на автогаз

The cost of liquefied gas at filling stations in Ukraine on 3 and 4 December continued to decline 10-70 kopecks/liter.

The cost of liquefied gas at filling stations in Ukraine in the period from 3 to 4 December 2018 continued to decline to 10-70 kopecks./l. On Tuesday, December 4, according to consulting company UPECO, referring to the daily price monitoring of the petroleum market.

So, at the gas station Marshal in Kharkiv region the cost of liquefied gas fell by 50 kopecks/liter, to 13.50 UAH/l, petrol station to the subsidiary – to 14.19 UAH/l, Rod-Nick – of 14.60 UAH/liter, Tatneft-AZS-Ukraine – 14,64 UAH/liter.

At Metropolitan stations BRSM-Nafta, as well as BARS autogas fell to 14.99 UAH/l At stations KLO in Kyiv fell by 70 kopecks./l, to 15.69 UAH/l, and OKKO – by 20 kopecks./l, to 15.79 UAH/liter.

Thus, as of 4 December 2018 the average price of autogas at filling stations in Ukraine has decreased to 15.37 UAH/liter.

Recall, 3 December retail prices for liquefied gas fell on average by 13 kopecks./l.

As reported, in October, a record increase in the price of petrol.


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