Ukraine has doubled the sales of electric cars

В Украине выросли в два раза продажа электрокаров

Sales of electric cars in Ukraine in November increased 2.4 times

The lion’s share of the primary market of electric cars in November this year has made imported cars with mileage

Initial registration in Ukraine in November of this year were 598 cars running solely on electric. Thus, compared to November last year, the demand for electric cars rose 2.4 times, according to the Association Ukrautoprom.

The lion’s share of the primary market of electric cars made by imported machines with high mileage (80%).

The most popular electric vehicles on the Ukrainian market is the Nissan Leaf. Over the past month, 344 Ukrainians became owners of cars of this model.

The second most popular is the BMW i3 (41 cars). Tesla Model S took third place for number of primary registrations of electric cars (34 cars).

In fourth place Renault Zoe with a score of 28 units. The top five leaders of the FIAT 500e, which chose 24 of the buyer.

Earlier, the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine has extended for four years a preferential mode of import of electric cars – without paying value added tax and excise tax.


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