Ukraine has filed a claim to the ECHR against Russia on the events in the Donbas – Ministry of justice

Украина подала в ЕСПЧ иск против России по событиям в Донбассе - Минюст

This is the first but not the last claim in the Donbass, reported in the Ministry.

Ukraine lodged with the European court of human rights the legal position on the suit against Russia, which is linked to events in the Donbass in 2014, said in an interview with the Correspondent the Minister of justice Pavel Petrenko.

“We filed a big law position with additional evidence and witnesses in the case at the Donbass in 2014. A week ago expired, we did it,” – said the Minister.

Petrenko reminded that at the beginning of spring Ukraine filed with the ECHR legal positions on the claim of Ukraine against Russia in the Crimea.

“We have a number of cases in the ECHR interstate. The first of them – the Crimea, the second – Donbass 2014, the third – Donbass – 2015 part 2016, the fourth abduction of children. We now have submitted the most hot phase of Donbas – 2014 legal position. After that, the court must determine the procedural timetable of the proceedings, as the case will be considered where it will be considered how to question witnesses. We already proceed to the trial stage in fact”, – stressed the Minister.

Petrenko noted that Ukraine is a big legal war against Russia. There are a number of cases in the international court of justice.

The full interview with the Minister of justice read in one of the following numbers of the journal Correspondent.

We will remind that earlier the economic court of Kiev changed the way of execution of court decisions on the recovery of Russia’s Gazprom a fine of $ 171 billion, to include foreclosure on all property of the debtor.