Ukraine has fulfilled all the “beacons” of the IMF – Ministry of Finance

Украина выполнила все "маяки" МВФ - Минфин

The Minister of Finance Oksana Markarova

The IMF will assess the progress of their claims in may. Until Parliament should pass a number of bills must also be other conditions are met.

Ukraine has fulfilled all the so-called beacons, and a large part of the program of cooperation with the IMF. On Monday, March 18, said Finance Minister Oksana Markarova, writes European true.

“… and those that are not performed in the implementation process, and we understand that their implementation is proceeding well”, she said.

According to her, preparation for the announcement of the tender for the selection of heads of the state customs and State tax services in the process, however, even if the item will not be performed until the end of April and mid-may is a technical point.

“The main thing is that by the time our six-month review (may), we have fulfilled everything he promised to accomplish,” said Markarov.

Part of commitments still to be completed, true for public banks. “Soon the HR company will provide us with the list of candidates for independent Supervisory Board of Oshchadbank, Ukreximbank, and PrivatBank. I hope this will happen before the end of April,” said Markarov.

“Then we will need to decide with representatives from the Cabinet and the presidential Administration. I think that this issue will be resolved quickly”, – said the Minister.

The implementation of a number of conditions of the Memorandum and of the obligations of Ukraine to the EU is dependent on Parliament. It is expected that Parliament will support the bill on the introduction of authorized economic operators (No. 7473). The Minister expects that parliamentarians will consider it after the law on language.

Two more bills that need to be taken in the framework of the obligations to the IMF and the EU on the introduction of common transit (No. 9532) with 35 countries and on the prevention of money laundering (No. 9417). Last will allow allow the rules of financial monitoring in accordance with the EU Directive. These bills, along with a ratified Convention, MLI will enable to unite efforts in the fight against base erosion and withdrawal of profits from taxation.

“If to speak about points of the Memorandum which are not beacons of the program, the IMF always sympathetic to the reasons why we might not meet certain program deadlines. It is important that these reasons were objective, ” she explained.

According to Markarova, today the continuation of Ukraine’s cooperation with IMF depends, whether Ukraine will be able to obtain financing from the world Bank. Ukraine has already started negotiations with the world Bank about the following amount of guarantees.

She also spoke about the negotiations with the world Bank about loans for a billion dollars. In addition, the expected tranche from the EU 500 million euros.

As you know, this year, Kiev expects to receive from the IMF two tranches of $ 1.3 billion.


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