Ukraine has granted asylum to a Russian nationalist

Украина предоставила убежище российскому националисту

Ivan Beletsky was granted asylum in Ukraine

Ivan Beletsky was arrested in absentia in Russia, and the UN has recognized it politically persecuted.

Russian opposition politician, one of the organizers of Russian marches and movements Barrage Ivan Beletsky received political asylum in Ukraine. This he said in the video, filmed near the building of the State migration service of Ukraine and published on Thursday, April 11.

“I officially received refugee status in Ukraine”, – he said.

However, he added that the procedure for obtaining the status lasted about 11 months.

“I’m sure they (the security service and Migration service – ed.) appreciated my information and media contribution to the strengthening of the integrity of Ukraine,” – said Beletsky.

In addition, Bielecki, along with Vyacheslav Maltsev, is one of the organizers recognized in Russia extremist movements Barrage, which is described as “left to right”, it is also called one of the leaders of the unregistered political Party of nationalists. Biletsky is also known for his performances with the criticism of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

In July 2017, after the start of mass arrests of members of the artillery barrage Beletsky fled to Ukraine.

In Russia Bielecki was arrested in absentia and declared in the international search. The Commission, however, UNHCR recognized him as politically persecuted and took under his protection.

Today soobshili that two policemen from Russia applied for asylum in Ukraine. They argue that in respect of them in Russia custom fabricated and investigated a criminal case.

Earlier in Kharkov the Russians illegally crossed the border and asked for refugee status.


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