Ukraine has increased by a third metal export

Украина на треть увеличила экспорт металла

Ukraine increases exports of metal

High performance was achieved primarily due to the growth of exports of semi-finished and rolled products.

In January Ukraine exported 1,965 million tons of steel products, 34.7% more than in December. At the same time revenues from exports in January totaled $976,6 million On Monday, February 11, according to Gosvneshinform.

It is noted that these figures are the highest since January of 2018.

Expert Gosvneshinform Valery Studentsov, notes that in the second half of 2018, the export of steel products from Ukraine does not exceed 1.5 million tons per month, and the amount of monthly income did not exceed $800 million, Such high export figures, according to Studentsova, was achieved through the growth of exports of semi-finished and rolled products.

“Exports of semi-finished products in January amounted to 854 200 tons, which is by 59.7% more than in December and is the highest figure since January of 2018. Indicator January exports of metallurgical semi-products (854 200 tons) 27.1% in comparison with January of 2018. In monetary terms, exports of semis amounted to $368,2 million,” said Studentov.

The export of steel in January rose to 726 700 tons, which is 10.1% more compared with December. In monetary terms, exports amounted to $399 million, which is also 1.4% higher than January 2018

The growth of export of raw materials for metallurgy by 45.4% compared with December to 383,9 thousand tons.

At the same time, exports of steel pipes starting from September 2018, is on the decline.

“In January the downward trend in export volumes has been preserved. It was exported to 40 600 tonnes of pipes, which is 11.1% less than in December. Earnings from exports of tubes made up of $48.7 million – a minus of 9.1% of the index for January 2018,” – said Studentov.

We will remind, last year the EU introduced quotas for 11 types of steel products of Ukraine. They were introduced at 200 days and affected 28 types of metallurgical products.

Earlier also it was reported that Ukraine continues to fall steel output.


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