Ukraine has lifted a ban on the BCG vaccine

В Украине отменили запрет на вакцину БЦЖ

The Bulgarian tuberculosis vaccine banned the March 1 due to the death of a man after injection.

The state service for medicines and drug control has withdrawn the temporary ban of the Bulgarian vaccine against tuberculosis BCG. It is stated in the decree of 12 June, published on the Agency’s website.

“The Public service of medicines and drug control … to temporarily ban the sale and use of medical immunobiological preparation BCG vaccine freeze-dried ... series 297 production of BB-NCIPD Ltd, Bulgaria, responds,” reads the document.

According to the document, the application solution of the vaccine made on the basis of the Protocol of the investigation and the establishment of causal relationships between incidents after immunization and use of vaccines.

Recall that the BCG vaccine banned in Ukraine on 1 March due to the death of a man after injection.

Earlier in the Ukraine because of the fatal outcome of two patients banned the use of series of vaccines against diphtheria.


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