Ukraine has not fulfilled 15 obligations to the IMF

Украина не выполнила 15 обязательств перед МВФ

The IMF mission to Kiev reminds of nevypolnenie “the beacons,” says Reva

The requirement to raise gas prices was set in 2008, says the Minister of social policy.

Ukraine has not fulfilled 15 obligations to the International monetary Fund. This was stated by Minister of social policy Andrei Reva, the press service of the Ministry Thursday, September 13.

“All of our history of cooperation with the IMF is a story of unfulfilled promises. Today there are approximately pyatnadcati such outstanding obligations, which are called “beacons”, and the mission of the IMF brings to the agenda of those that are important at the current stage, to achieve macro-financial stability,” he said.

According to Reva, the settlement of the gas prices being discussed since 2008.

“If we talk about the price of gas, this beacon runs since 2008, it was the first time in the Memorandum with the IMF stipulates the obligation of the Ukrainian government to align domestic gas prices with prices of imported gas. Under these plans were obtained large funds, for a total of ten billion dollars, but this “lighthouse” then was not implemented”, – he said.

Reva also added that the Cabinet is negotiating with the IMF to establish a “just for men” the price of gas.

“The government is doing everything to ensure that this increase was minimal, given the situation with incomes and the ability of the budget to compensate for rising gas prices for citizens who need state support, and some other parameters,” he said.

At the same time, earlier, the Finance Ministry said that most of the commitments made to the IMF.

As reported by the media, vlasti in the negotiations with the IMF agreed on October to raise gas prices by 23.5%. This forecast also gave the national Bank.

The IMF mission will stay in Ukraine until September 19.


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