Ukraine has produced a case for BTR steel NATO

В Украине изготовили корпус для БТР из стали НАТО

The new APC will be sent to the landfill for testing

The use of steel NATO countries will help to diversify the suppliers reservation and not depend on one supplier.

Kiev armored factory produced experimental housing BTR-3DA from armored steel production one of the NATO countries. It is reported by Ukroboronprom Friday, November 16.

It is noted that for this case it was necessary to cook more than 1,800 single parts, of which nearly a thousand – armored. Soon it will be sent to the landfill for testing. Hull will be fired from the minimum distance with various weapons, including heavy machine gun.

It is noted that the volume of production of the BTR-3DA and BTR-4, while closely related to capacity is the only case manufacturer – private enterprise Lozova forging-mechanical plant. And the use of steel NATO allows to significantly diversify the suppliers reservation and not depend on one supplier.

After successful testing of the Kiev armored plant will be able to weld the housing for the BTR-3DA and other machines on this base, which will significantly expand production of this war machine.

Similar work to expand production of hulls for armored vehicles, in particular the BTR-4, and are now carried out at the enterprises in Kharkov.

In October it was reported that Design Bureau. Morozov gave APU the first seven BTR-4 made of the new Russian armor. The plant currently in production are about 40 such buildings.

It was also reported that in Ukraine the program of modernization of armored personnel carrier BTR-60PB, which was called the BTR-60МК.

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