Ukraine has risen in price alcohol and cigarettes

В Украине подорожали спиртное и сигареты

In Ukraine rose alcohol

Prices of alcoholic beverages and tobacco products in Ukraine from the beginning of 2018 grew by more than 15%.

Since the beginning of 2018 in Ukraine and Kiev in particular, prices of alcoholic beverages and tobacco products increased by more than 15%. About it reports press center of the Moscow Department of the State statistics service.

In particular, it is specified that in Kiev, the price of alcohol and cigarettes in 2018 rose by 15.2%. Only last month the alcohol and tobacco products in the capital has risen by 2.3%.

“In the whole Ukraine for the year alcohol and cigarettes went up by 15.5%”, – stated in the message.

Informed law enforcement officers discovered the consignment of alcoholic beverages during a search in one of the logistics companies in the postal traffic in Odessa.

It was also reported that half of Ukraine recorded cases of poisoning with counterfeit alcohol during the last three years ended in death.

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