Ukraine has sharply reduced gas extraction from storage facilities

Украина резко сократила отбор газа из хранилищ

On Saturday, March 4, the selection was only of 16.52 million cubic meters.

Ukraine since the beginning launched 13 October 2016 heating season and through March 4, 2017, reduced the reserves of natural gas in underground storage (UGS) 44.1% (6.5 billion cu m) to 8.23 billion cubic meters.

According to Ukrtransgaz, March 4, the selection made up 16.52 million cubic meters, in General, during 1-4 March – of 81.24 million cubic meters (on average – 20,31 million cubic meters/day). For comparison, on some days in January and February, the selection of gas from underground storage facilities exceeded 100 million cubic meters per day.

Only in February of the repositories was raised 1.57 billion cubic metres (average 56.1 million cubic meters/day), and January and 2.1 bn cu m (average of 67.8 million cubic meters/day) in December 2016 is 1.6 billion cubic meters (average of 50.6 million cubic meters/day) November-2016 – 909,42 million cubic meters (30,31 million cubic meters/day).

It is also reported that as of March 4, the gas imported in the daily regime of 43.5 million cubic meters from Slovakia, Hungary and Poland. In General, during 1-4 March imports amounted to 177 million cubic meters.

As reported Корреспондент.netin Naftogaz hope that at the end of the heating season in underground storage facilities will remain 7-8 billion cubic meters of gas with an acceptable value of 5 billion cubic meters.

We will remind, Russia is worried because of the low gas reserves in Ukraine.

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