Ukraine has started missile exercises near Crimea

Украина начала ракетные учения в районе Крыма

Ukraine conducts missile exercises in the sovereign territory

Military assure that the near approach of the missiles to the Peninsula will not exceed 30 km.

In the South of Ukraine launched a missile firing, the response from Russia yet. This broadcast channel 112 Ukraine said the head of the press center of the Air command “South” Vladimir Kryzhanovsky.

“Has already begun shooting. Everything goes according to plan. No reaction from Russia there. Ukrainian military are ready for any scenario,” – said Kryzhanovsky.

He also explained who will take part in the shooting.

“The exercise will involve the crews of military transport aircraft of the air forces of Ukraine, divisions of anti-aircraft missiles, communication troops and unmanned aircraft of air forces of VSU. Will involve anti-aircraft missile systems With a 300,” he says.

The head of the press centre explained that such firings Ukraine does not violate, and is not a threat to the occupied Peninsula of Crimea.

“Ukraine does not violate anything. If you look at the trajectory and a certain area and you hold a conditional line of the Peninsula, which will be located installation in Bulgaria, you can see that very line will be far enough away from the coast of the Crimean Peninsula. The near approach of the missile can be up to 30 km,” he said.

As reported Корреспондент.neton the eve was published the letter of Russian threats to Ukraine to launch a missile attack.

The defense Ministry of Ukraine confirmed that allow a missile attack by Russia on Ukrainian territory. However, the military did not intend to appear from a scheduled missile firings.

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