Ukraine – Havarti 0:2. Online

Украина - Ховартия 0:2. Онлайн

Ukraine – Croatia – the main qualifier for the 2018 world Cup, see online 9 October at 21:45.

The national team of Ukraine in the final match of qualifying for the 2018 world Cup will take the Croatian national team at the Olympic NSC in Kiev.

The match will begin on 9 October at 21:45, Корреспондент.net will text online broadcast of the match.

The national team of Ukraine must defeat the Croats to count on the continuation of the struggle for the world Cup. Croats, too, will be satisfied with the victory.

After nine rounds in the group I lead in Iceland with 19 points. Croatia and Ukraine – by 17, while the Balkan players have the best goal difference and a draw will guarantee them second place.

The first team of the group will participate in the final tournament of world Cup 2018. Second place will give the right to play in the playoffs for the right to go to Russia.

A text stream

Thank you for being with us. Sorry I had to look at it.

Anywhere we go, the world championship will be held without us. For the first time in 20 years, Ukraine has not advanced to the playoff selection. A complete failure. Be fired if Shevchenko?

All! The shame is over! Ukraine lost 0:2!

90. Stupid carry us Croats, we, the Kiev pitch.

88. Kramerica changes Pasalic.

87. Rakitskiy went to hit that target.

85. Just quit playing Ukrainians, not even creating anything.

84. Third, Stepanenko foul on Badelj, well he does not like it.

80. Croatia just keeps the ball. We all no thought, nothing. Hurt to look at it.

78. Besedin changes Marlos. And it turns out he was on the field. We now turn to the usual setup with forwardon, three Midfielders in the center and Yarmolenko on the right.

77. Kovalenko, even the ball can’t odanovich. And Stepanenko continues hack Badelj.

75. Olympic paused.

73. Konoplyanka Yarmolenko came up with the attack, but Andrew did not hit the ball. Where Marlos, just dissolve on the former Brazilian.

71. As in the match with Iceland everything is absolutely helpless and entirely without a chance. The second half turned out to be some other team?

70. That is all for now. 0:2

Hmmm, when you play Modric and Rakitic is sooner or later to play. Rakitic breaks into a huge hallway in our defense and just on a silver platter puts the transfer Kramaric to get into an empty net last could.

68. Second substitution from Ukraine. Sydorchuk is rotan. This should have been done before, the moment in the 55th.

66. Kovalenko release to save the country instead of Garmash. Strange replacement, maybe in the center of the field someone to produce or forward?

63. You need to change something, especially in midfield, Yes it is the last 10 minutes and it was clear. What they do with our coach?

Rotan from bezishodnosti fouls yellow.

62. GOAL! Well, that’s it? Kramaric scores.

When you twice give to serve the main player of real Madrid, two years in a row winning the Champions League, then the probability that he gets into the head of any player in the penalty very big. Modric takes, Kramaric scores.

60. Croatia all of the above applies and it works. Ukraine is not darista the ball can’t go from defense to attack without losing the ball.

59. Badelj was screaming after the meeting with Stepanenko, even in Croatia, probably, was audible. Yellow for Taras.

58. The striker we are lacking, to give into the penalty area no one. It’s time to let Besedina.

57. Kramerica were taken at the gate Pyatova – Khacheridi handled this attack.

55. With pressure from the Croats we harder to handle.

53. Modric has shown, who here plays in Real life. Two Ukrainians easily beat, the attack ended in a corner for guests.

52. Rotan sits very low, on a line with the Central defenders, to rozygrysha the ball. But without forward movement, we possess the ball.

50. Croatia at the beginning of the second half, took the ball, and now we begin the second number.

48. Caravan on the right flank of defense plays only the second game, but looks very confident.

47. Lovren gives us the corner. But Linnet is very bad takes.

Replacements not. Well who used to go for broke?

The second half began.

Ukraine looked more active, but the Croats are strong, and can always snap. Overall the game is equal. In the second half both teams have chances and open up.

45. The first half ended. 0:0 Score, which does not suit anyone.

44. Not to say, and how to play together Yarmolenko and Rakitskiy not really understand. Periodically topchatsya together on the left flank.

43. Hung Croats over our free kick and roll feed. Yet with all the cope.

41. We ran into a counterattack, which stopped Badelj. Modric earned another free-kick.

39. View earned a dangerous free kick, which after a cross from Modric turned into the corner.

38. Pushed a little Croatia the game from the gate. Ukraine took a breather.

36. And here they are. Kramerica almost brought one on one. Dangerous, you can not relax.

35. Yarmolenko combined with Marlos and beat again Stepanenko. Straight into the hands of Subasic. Croatia is generally someone at the field saw?

33. Ukraine is game. Croats hope to counter-attack.

31. Super attack is the national team of Ukraine. Karavaev broke up the attack, Yarmolenko gently put on the Linnet, but Eugene has punched by gate. The best moment of Ukraine in the match. It’s time to score!

28. Ukraine plays with desire. Stepanenko gets in a strike, it misses, but close to the target.

26. On the Olympic there is a wave, the Ukrainians have a ball.

22. Rakitskiy unleashed after the rebound, subašić failed to hold the ball in his hands, but unfortunately released it not at the gate.

19. A pass from marlos on the Linnet in the penalty area, but Eugene did not reach the ball.

14. Active Ukrainians, the Linnet. Both teams need to win, so expect open game.

11. Corner the national team of Ukraine to the danger failed.

10. But this is a possibility. Linnet gave, Marlos was on the rebound, but his shot was blocked.

7. Garmash took the ball in the penalty area, but the impact is not reached.

5. The Croats changed coaches just before the visit to Kiev. But the individual level of the players is still prohibitive. Modric, Rakitic, Mandzukic, Perisic – all here.

4. For the first minute think that Yarmolenko is at the same level with Garmash. Perhaps even Denis is located above, and Andrew under it.

2. Croatia is starting to be very active, feeding on the dangerous Mandzukic, but our defenders do not give to hit the target cleanly.

1. The match has started. Go.

Filled Olympic ready to show.

Ukraine goes without a pure striker. Above all, obviously, will play Yarmolenko. Marlos goes to the start and take the place of Yarmolenko on the right flank. In the centre of defence Rakitskiy change Ordets, and in the center of the field Stepanenko out instead of Drawing.

Starting lineups:

Ukraine: Pyatov — Karavaev, Khacheridi, Rakitskiy, Matvienko — Rakitskiy, Stepanenko, Rotan, Konoplyanka Garmash, Yarmolenko

Croatia: Subašić — Kind, Mitrovic, Lovren, Vrsaljko — Badelj, Rakitic, Kramaric, Modric, Perisic — Mandzukic

The most important match in the selection! Sick together!

Before flying to Ukraine in Croatian team there was a change of coach. Place an Ante bet Cacica whose work was unsatisfactory, took Zlatko Dalic.

“With regard to the change of coach in Croatia, we thought about this least of all. The Croatians all the players are top class. Everyone knows their role and can decide individually any time. Therefore, if Croatia decided to change the coach, so there were reasons. But this does not mean that the team stop playing. They have a lot of good players who due to their level can give results,” – said the chief coach of the national team of Ukraine Andriy Shevchenko.

In the arrangement of the Ukrainian national team back defender Yaroslav Rakitskiy. Earlier it was reported that due to injury defender Shakhtar will miss the match. But he’s ready to play.

Sure will miss the match due to suspension, Ivan Ordets and Artem Kravets.

The Croatia striker Mario Mandzukic and defender Dejan Lovren will be able to help the team in the match against Ukraine, although previously their participation in the match was questioned.

But just will not play in Kiev – Marcelo Brozović and Nikola kalinic.

In the first match between these two teams, which was held in Zagreb, won by the Croats with the score 1:0.

The President of the football Federation of Ukraine Andriy Pavelko notified players and coaches of the blue and yellow that, if typed three points in the match against Croatia, the team will be paid bonuses in twice the size.