Ukraine hit the top 20 countries in terms of terrorism

Украина попала в топ-20 стран по уровню терроризма

Most often the attacks organized by the separatists of the DPR

The terrorist situation in Ukraine has improved.

Ukraine was on the 17th place in the ranking of countries that suffer from terrorism. A report on the state of global terrorism in 2017 (The Global Terrorism Index 2017) published on 15 November London, the Institute for Economics and peace.

As noted, the level of influence of terrorism, Ukraine received a score of 6.6 on a 10-point scale. A year earlier, our country occupies in the ranking 11 position with a 7.1 score.

This year Ukraine joined the group of countries with a high level of impact of the terrorism along with such countries as Somalia, India, Turkey, Libya, Egypt, Sudan and others.

In the list of countries with the highest level of the impact of terrorism on the lives of the experts took six countries: Iraq (10 points), Afghanistan (9,4), Nigeria (9), Syria (8,6), Pakistan (8.4), Yemen (7,9).

In Western European countries the highest impact of terrorism, according to experts, in France (6 points and 23rd place).

United States of America is occupied 32-e a place (5.4 score), Russia – 33rd (5.3 points), UK – 35-e (5.1 points).

“Ukraine is one of ten countries that are experiencing quite a significant improvement,” – said the representative of the Institute for Economics and peace Daniel Hislop.

According to him, in Ukraine, the terrorist attacks are carried out only one terrorist group of DPR, and they are mainly directed against the Ukrainian security forces.

As noted Chislon, terrorism in Ukraine less intense than it was two years ago.

We will remind, law enforcement bodies of European countries recorded a growth in the number of those arrested on suspicion of terrorist activities.

According to the materials of Deutsche Welle