Ukraine hit the top 50 for quality of human capital

Украина попала в топ-50 по качеству человеческого капитала

Ukraine in top 50 ranking of human capital development

The three leaders of the new world Bank – human development Index capital-2018 – Singapore, South Korea, Japan.

Ukraine took the 50th place out of 157 in the quality of human capital according to the world Bank. On Thursday, October 11, the Ukrainska Pravda citing the report WB.

In determining the human capital index takes into account the level of education, training, employment, life expectancy, etc. Ukraine scored 0.65 points out of a maximum of 1, which is slightly higher than the world average (0.57 percent).

Human capital index shows that a child born in Ukraine now will have a 65% performance of the maximum possible.

According to the world Bank, 99 out of 100 Ukrainian children survive to 5 years of age.

The leader of the ranking – Singapore (0,88). Next are South Korea, Japan, China, Finland, Ireland, Australia, Sweden, Netherlands, Canada. Last Chad with an index of 0.28.

Earlier it was reported that Ukraine is in the top 25 countries with the highest rates of mortality due to suicide.

It was also reported that Ukraine took seventh place in the rating of “poor countries”.


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