Ukraine honors memory of victims of the Great terror

Украина чтит память жертв Большого террора

Mass grave in bykivnya

In Kiev August 5, will be held funeral and ceremonial activities for honoring the memory of victims of 1937-38.

Sunday, August 5, in Ukraine commemorate the victims of the Great terror. In Kiev held a memorial and ceremonial events for the victims of 1937-38, reports Radio Liberty.

The plan of measures on celebration of memory of victims of the Great terror in Kiev:

9:00 – 10:00 a.m. Funeral Liturgy in the Church of the intercession on the hem (bottom of Andrew’s descent, Kontraktovaya area);

11:00 – 12:00 Funeral service and memorial event at the cross repressed in the 30s – 50s (about the building of the former Zhovtnevy Palace, Independence Square);

13:00 – 15:00 the Memorial event in the National historical memorial preserve bykivnya graves (m. Forest on Brovarsky by bus to the Bykivnia memorial).

The great terror – a large-scale campaign of mass repressions of citizens, was deployed to the USSR in 1937-1938, At the initiative of senior management and personally Joseph Stalin to eliminate real and potential political opponents, intimidation of the population, changes in the national and social structure of society.

Consequences of Communist terror in the Ukraine was the destruction of the political, artistic and scientific elite, the deformation of public relations, the destruction of traditional value orientations, the social distribution of depression and denationalization.

The great terror lasted 15 months and was officially discontinued by the decision of the Politburo of the CPSU (b) 17 November 1938, although the repression on a smaller scale continued in the future.

In two years the party leadership was arrested 1.5 million people, 680 million of them were killed.

On the territory of the USSR, according to historians, was sentenced 198 918 thousand people, of which about two – thirds to death. The rest were sent to prisons and camps.

We will remind, on may 5 2018 year, Ukraine entered into force the law on rehabilitation of victims of the Communist regime.

Before that, it was reported that the Cossacks have honored the memory of victims of Stalinist repression.

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