Ukraine imposed special duties on Russian fuel

Украина ввела спецпошлины на российское топливо

Ukraine introduces special duties on the import from Russia diesel fuel and liquefied gas

Spetsposhlina diesel fuel and liquefied gas are introduced in two stages – from 1 August and 1 October.

The government of Ukraine at a meeting on July 17 imposed special duties on imports of Russian diesel fuel and liquefied gas. This was announced by the representative of the President in the Cabinet of Ministers Andriy Gerus in Facebook.

So, from August 1, the special duty on diesel fuel, which is delivered by pipelines, will be 3.75% and 4% from 1 October.

Special duty on deliveries of liquefied natural gas are 1.75% from 1 August and 3% from 1 October.

“Appropriate fee will remove the margin of trader-importer, which is higher than the market, which arose because of logistics and other factors. If the typical market margin in large protected areas is 10-12 USD/t, the supply pipelines such margin was $ 35-40/t. Thus, the margin trader will be given to the normal market levels and the decision will not affect retail prices at filling stations. All traders will be in equal conditions”, – writes the Gerus.

However, he notes that to increase the price of one private importer will not be possible because I will go to a competitive replacement of resource from alternative sources: Belarus, Lithuania, Poland, the supply of sea, etc.

According to him, the Ukrainian budget will additionally receive UAH 2 billion per year.

We will remind, on April 18, Russia has decided to impose new sanctions against Ukraine. The main measure was the almost complete ban on the export of oil and oil products, and coal. Experts said that Kiev may offset the loss of supplies from Belarus. In detail, in the material of the Ukraine without oil of Russia: impact of sanctions.


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