Ukraine improved its position in the “ranking terrorism”

Украина улучшила позиции в "рейтинге терроризма"

Ukraine has risen to 24th place in the ranking of terrorism

Ukraine for several years improves the position in the ranking of countries most affected by terrorism.

Ukraine improved position in the Global terrorism index-2019, which is the Institute for Economics and peace Sydney University.

“Ukraine is a marked improvement from 2014, since then mortality (as a result of the attacks – ed.) fell by 98%,” – noted the researchers.

In this year’s list with 138 countries Ukraine was ranked 24th, down by three positions.

According to the researchers, the region of Russia and Eurasia of the nearly 2500 terrorist attacks committed between 2002 and 2018, the approximately 700 persons of the perpetrators was established. In 64% of these cases (i.e. in more than 450 incidents) attack is attributed to one of the three separatist groups, “Chechen rebels” and the so-called “LNR” and “DNR”.

As the researchers note, Armenia (94), Azerbaijan (103), Russia (37) and Kazakhstan (85) also significantly improved its position in the region.

Among the EU member States the country most affected by terrorism, became the UK – it is on 28th place.

The US ranked 22nd, and Turkey is 16th.

A rating of “headed” Afghanistan, the five “leaders” also included Iraq, Nigeria, Syria and Pakistan.

Украина улучшила позиции в "рейтинге терроризма"

According to the report, last year the number of victims of terrorism in the world decreased by 15.2% compared to 2017, reaching nearly 16 thousand people, but the number of countries where terrorists carried out their attacks has increased.

The authors of the report note that the number of people killed at the hands of terrorists, declined for the fourth consecutive year. The main reason for this is a devastating blow that was dealt to the terrorist organization “Islamic state” in Syria and Iraq, as well as impact the U.S. air force on the positions of the radical group “Ash-Shabab” in Somalia. Against this background, 98 countries in the world have improved their position in the present ranking, and 40 States have worsened.

As noted, the radical movement “Taliban” in 2018 ahead of the IG in the list of terrorist organizations that have killed the most people on the planet. From hands of terrorists the Taliban in 2018, the world has lost about 6.1 million people. It is 71% higher than a year earlier, and is 38% of the total number of victims of terrorists in the world. At the same time the number of victims from hands of fanatics of ISIS decreased for the year by 70%, to 1.3 thousand people.

However, the authors of the report noted that terrorism remains a serious global problem. So, in 2018 in 71 countries at least one person was killed at the hands of terrorists. It is in four States more than in 2017, and the rate – the second biggest since 2002.

As the report States, global terrorism in 2018 at a cost the world economy at $33 billion, which is 38% lower than a year earlier. The study authors emphasize, that in itself is only a small part of $14,1 trillion of global losses from violence in General. However, the document stresses that the amount of economic losses from acts of terrorism does not include the indirect damage to business, lost profits or investments at the level of companies and countries.

It should be noted that the results of the index-2017 Ukraine was in 17th place.

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