Ukraine increased import of potatoes 700 times

Украина увеличила импорт картофеля в 700 раз

In October-November to half of all retail sales of potatoes were imported products, imported mainly from Russia.

During July-November, 2019 the import of potatoes in Ukraine reached 188,4 thousand tons. It is 700 times more than in the same period of the previous season. Basically, potatoes are imported from Russia and Belarus, according to East Fruit Monday, December 9.

In November set a new record of monthly import of potatoes – 46 thousand tons. Although compared with October, the volume of import decreased in two times, they exceeded the volume of imports for November 2018 15 thousand times.

“The situation remains deplorable while Ukrainian potatoes spoil in storage and is cheaper, the Russian potato actively sold in supermarkets, markets, bazaars and stalls. You can’t blame importers – with more than double the difference in price on products is a sin not to take advantage of the opportunity to earn”, – said the head of the project APK-inform: vegetables and fruits Alexander Horev.

According to analysts, in October-November to half of all retail sales of potatoes were imported products, imported mainly from the Russian Federation.

“Ukrainian growers are not yet aware that they have only about four months to realize the vast reserves of tubers in storage. Given the volume of imports, they already gave at least two full months of sales suppliers from Belarus and Russia, and at the highest price, and they themselves are now forced to “push” your potatoes cheaper, but it still has not sold because importers can afford to reduce prices”, – says economist of the investment Department of the Food and agriculture organization of the UN (FAO) Andrey Yarmak.

It is noted that Russia – the world’s largest importer of marketable potatoes out of the European Union.

“Russia imports more than half a million tons of lupneplod each year, mainly from Egypt, Azerbaijan and China. Most interesting is that Ukraine now buys potatoes from the largest importer”, – writes the edition.

We will remind, in August, Ukraine imported about 4.3 thousand tons of potatoes with a total value of almost 800 thousand dollars. Already in the summer because of the poor harvest, the wholesale price of potatoes compared to last year has grown three times – to 11 hryvnia per kilogram.

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