Ukraine intends to open the interconnects to fully join the European natural gas – KOBOLEV

Украина намерена открыть интерконнекторы, чтобы полностью присоединиться к европейской ГТС, – Коболев

Ukraine intends to open a full-service interconnects to fully join the Ukrainian GTS. About this informed the head of “Naftogaz” Andrey Kobelev in an interview to “5 channel”.

“We have not, there are still some problems, wanted to increase the possibility of overflows. And we want to open a full-fledged so-called interconnects, that is to attach our gas system to the European one. It hasn’t happened yet, and returning to the question about which we’d finished, unbundling should ensure this objective. Why we talk so much, because it must be done correctly. The goal is not just to highlight something, have a goal to create an efficient market, save transit, to join Europe. It is a goal. The goal is not just to have a separate gas transportation system,” – said the head of the NAC.

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Earlier Andriy KOBOLEV said that gas transportation system of Ukraine has two big problems – the efficiency and reduce transit.

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