Ukraine introduced fee for gas: what is now going to pay

В Украине вводится абонплата за газ: Сколько теперь будем платить

The national Commission, which regulates energy and utilities (NKREKU), March 28, suddenly in Ukraine has introduced a monthly fee for gas for the population and industrial users. And innovation will work from 1 April this year, that is, 3 days after approval. Most consumers still don’t know how many now have to pay for gas. talks about the nuances of the coming changes.

As we pay now?

Until April 1, yet there is a single price for gas 6879 UAH/thousand cubic meters, taking into account all transportation costs, taxes and trade margins. That is, if you have the meter you consume 15 cubic meters for conventional cooking, you pay now 103 UAH for gas. If you have a gas boiler, which consumes conventional 200 cubic meters of gas per month, you pay 1376 UAH.

If no meter, will come into effect the regulations of the Cabinet. In the presence of centralized hot water supply fee — 30 UAH per month per person (the ratio of 4.4 cubic metres per person). In the absence of hot water supply — UAH 49/month (standard — 7.1 square meters). In the presence of a stove and water heater — 97 UAH/month (standard 14 cubic meters). That is, if the apartment is registered to 1 person.

The calculation is simple and straightforward. However, it is not fair, believe in NKREKU.

Why is introduced fee?

The national Commission say that thus want to make transparent tariffs. So everyone was paying for gas, but all was paid for the access to gas transportation services. Hitherto the cost of transporting gas through the pipes was automatically included in the price. That is, the cost of repairs and maintenance of pipelines. You could buy a flat, put the meter, not to live in it and not pay a penny for gas. However, the communications are brought, and someone has to pay for them. Someone is the neighbors who live in the house and pay for gas. This applies to commercial consumers, consuming about half of the volume of the gas, but use only one third of gas communications. But the remaining two-thirds is also necessary to keep in good condition.

В Украине вводится абонплата за газ: Сколько теперь будем платить

This division operates in Europe (conditions of the third energy package). They believe that its implementation in Ukraine will contribute to the emergence of competition in the market of gas supply.

What is the fee?

Now the price of gas will be divided into two components. The first is all the same consumption, that is what counted counter (or, if not, the average consumption rate determined by the Cabinet). The second is the fee for use of communications. That is, from the previous price 6879 UAH/thousand cubic meters. m will allocate separately the percentage for the transportation of gas. Of course, the new price for the consumer depends on the size of this percentage. The company says it is 23% in the tariff structure. If you take a purely mathematically, the fee should be 1582 UAH per one thousand cubic meters. In other words, for every cubic meter of gas consumed, the user shall pay the 1.58 UAH for its delivery in the house. Consumed 15 cubic meters of 23.7 UAH paid for transportation.

Now, however, it will not. Fee is constant and does not depend on volume of gas consumed. The national Commission has already published the tariffs for use of networks for each region, and we can calculate how much will each month to pay the conditional resident of Lviv, Kharkiv or Kiev.

What are the rates?

Times of rate take shares for the transportation of gas, the fuel should become cheaper. This is logical, and always will. The new price of gas as a commodity is 4 942 UAH/thousand cubic meters, but it is necessary to add maximum retail margin getpostalcode company 3.2% and VAT. The output will have at most 6120 UAH/thousand cubic meters. That is, the fuel will become cheaper by only 12%. Maybe a little more if the supplier will refuse to put the maximum price.

If this is clear, with the fee not so simple. This will be a monthly fixed amount, which does not depend on the volume of gas consumed, but depends on maximum output gas meter installed at the consumer. As you know, there are different types of counters for bandwidth – for gas boilers, columns and gas stoves. Here on this parameter and you will count the subscription fee.

The national Commission published the tariffs for the use of networks for each region:

В Украине вводится абонплата за газ: Сколько теперь будем платить

В Украине вводится абонплата за газ: Сколько теперь будем платить

As the table shows, the lowest subscription fee for the population will be in Ternopil, Kiev and the Dnieper river, and the highest – in the Ternopil region and in Transcarpathia.

While for household consumers the amount of license fee is set below the rate for the industry. As explained in the national Commission, it is made “for the purpose of social protection.” But within three years, the tariff levels for domestic and non-domestic consumers plan to level. In Kyiv the rate initially equal, at the same time on the lowest level.

How much will I pay?

However, whether the decline in gas prices to cover the monthly fee? This is a controversial issue. It all depends on which side to approach. The national Commission declare that the innovation will reduce annual average bills for gas by 4%. However, this speculative approach, because if the fee is a constant value, the charge for gas depends on volume. Someone will pay more and some less.

В Украине вводится абонплата за газ: Сколько теперь будем платить

The interesting thing is that to pay more would be the most economical. Those who use gas for cooking. And those who heated their houses and consumes a lot of fuel, will pay less than now.

This is recognized even in “Naftogaz”. The Deputy head of the Department of NAK Alexey Habacuc, based on the decision of the national Commission and the Code of gas distribution networks, gave a detailed estimate of what the monthly fee will pay for domestic users after the innovation. So those who uses gas for cooking, will be forced to pay for the transportation of gas in a 3-8 times greater than it is in the current rate (as mentioned above, every cubic meter of gas of 1.58 UAH is the cost of supply).

Here’s the first version, when the customer installed the gas meter sizes G1,6 and it consumes about 17 cubic meters per month (average in the country for such consumers in 2015).

В Украине вводится абонплата за газ: Сколько теперь будем платить

And immediately the second option when the user is not installed the gas meter and the consumption is given according to the current norm of 4.4 cubic meters per month per person, and the family has 3 people (total consumption of 13.2 cubic meters per month).

В Украине вводится абонплата за газ: Сколько теперь будем платить

Also, Habacuc’ve done the calculations for expenses for transportation and distribution of gas to users with gas boiler. Here the situation is slightly different. Who consumes a lot of fuel will benefit from the changes.

The table below shows several options for the most common sizes of meters G4 and G6 in different volumes of gas consumption – from 800 to 3000 cubic meters per year.

When small amounts of consumption (up to 800 cubic meters per year, which is typical for heating of the apartment) costs will increase significantly – an average of 2.3% for G4, and 3.8 times for the G8.

With average gas consumption 1500-2000 cubic meters per year at the meter G4 average cost will be comparable to what it was before 1 April (although each regional gas situation may differ significantly – it could be both increase and decrease cost). But when the meter G6 with the same consumption charge will increase by an average of 1.8 times.

For large consumption (more than 2500 cubic meters per year) in the G4 meter in most cases the fee is significantly reduced. And with the same consumption and meter G6 on average the fee will be comparable to what it was before 1 April (although each regional gas situation may differ significantly – it could be both increase and decrease cost).

В Украине вводится абонплата за газ: Сколько теперь будем платить

В Украине вводится абонплата за газ: Сколько теперь будем платить

Let’s say we live in Kiev, we have a gas stove and has Central heating. There is a counter, and we use per month for 15 cubic meters of gas. We used to pay 103 UAH, now pay 120,5 UAH. Regardless of the time of year. In the Kiev region under the same conditions we already pay 149,2 UAH, in Ternopil region – UAH 161,7.

If we didn’t have a meter, we paid 90 UAH for three people, now in Kiev will pay of 126.7 UAH, Kyiv region – 172,7 UAH, while in Ternopil region – UAH 192,7. That is, in the Ternopil region UAH 80,8 we pay for the gas and 111,8 UAH for its delivery.

As can be seen from the calculations, it is especially hard will have those who have no counter in the apartment. Their costs anoplate more hit on the wallet.

Let us now look at the costs of those housing heats with gas. In the same conditional Kiev, Kiev region and Ternopil region. For example, we spent the winter of 800 cubic meters of gas, and the counter we have G4. We used to pay for these 800 cubes 5504 UAH. Now in Kyiv pay UAH 4896 plus for 69 UAH per month subscription fee. If you can stretch for 4 months, you get the total amount of UAH 5171. When the same scenario in Kiev region the amount will 5448 UAH, in Ternopil region – UAH 5567. That is, if in Kiev will be even a little cheaper due to the low tariff, the regional figures are comparable with the current ones. It is worth to notice that such volumes of gas burned only in the cold season, respectively, and the main costs at this time, but now conditional Bucha will have to pay monthly for 138 UAH monthly fee, not counting the cost of the gas used for the slab (about 100 UAH). One more thing – now, no matter how much you consume of gas, the fee will be the same you use 3000 cubic metres per year, or 800. Although, of course, for the gas itself you have to pay.

Another simple calculation shows that the consumption of 2000 cubic metres per year in the same Kiev we now save 1520 UAH for the gas due to its cheaper, and for the transportation and distribution of pay only UAH 826. That is, we win on 694 per year. However, this scheme works with medium and large amounts, in larger homes. For those who uses little gas, you will have to pay more. Over 40% have no counters, they have the worst of all.

“Most growth will be in small apartments with gas stoves with small gas consumption – plus 40-80 UAH per month. In the Transcarpathian region (where some of the highest tariffs – ed.) will be a plus 90-120 UAH per month. But in Uzhgorod refused from district heating and in the apartments is individual gas heating. So their fee will be affected more — the bills will be more than 150-250 UAH/month.”, — said a former member of the national Commission Andrey Gerus.

It is unclear how they will find the rates for homes, where there are not individual meters and communal, because the resolution of the national Commission on them.

Are there any questions?

There are many.

Whether it was impossible to inform people about these changes for a year or six months? Many consumers could prepare for it – someone would have refused the gas at all, someone has reduced its power on the smaller. And someone put in addition to the gas boiler is still and solid. Now gas it will use a little, but the monthly fee will pay like everyone else. Between the announcement of the national Commission and accession rules in action three days passed. For the sake of justice we will notice that the solution was prepared long ago.

Why was that the main brunt accept low-income citizens? Those who sparingly uses natural gas, will pay more, and those who heats large home – less. It turns out that the logic of “less consumption – less pay,” does not work here. “When the state does not care how much gas it consumes the consumer, then it is advisable to reduce the variable part of the bill and to introduce/increase constant”, – says Andrey Gerus. Although the head NKREKU retorted: “Less power consumption – less pay”.

The national Commission stated that gas prices will drop, but it is hidden and manipulation, what is it? Gas prices will really drop, but with the monthly fee – will increase for many consumers. Dmitry Vovk says that the meter G4 is the most popular (54% of subscribers, about 85% of consumption), for these consumers, the reduced and total (with gas) and transporting separately. However, 54% is the percentage of households where the meters are, or for all households in the country? And not for all consumers with the meter G4 gas price decreases, table of Alexei Habitue confirm this.

Why different rates in different regions? The inhabitants of Transcarpathia and Ternopil region have not sweet. In NKREKU refer to “objective reasons and no politics”.

What’s next?

And then there will be two more increases of tariffs for gas distribution. That is, in the majority of regional gas rates will rise at least twice, says Alexey Habacuc. Fee then will increase even more. Again, this will play into the hands of the gas companies. Who controls them, you can see in the infographic.

В Украине вводится абонплата за газ: Сколько теперь будем платить


The same fate awaits and electricity tariffs. There payments also will be broken into two components via the same procedure.

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