Ukraine introduces biometric border control

Украина вводит биометрический контроль на границе

Biometric border control

Control is introduced for citizens from 71 countries.

From 1 January 2018 Ukraine launches a system of recording biometric data of foreign citizens.

Citizens of 71 countries, including Russia, will be required to take fingerprints of five fingers for identification at the entrance in Ukraine and advance notification of the purpose of stay.

“We will block all stationary points and then, and small crossings of local importance. These databases will allow us to enter the top ten of countries with the best verification of crossing the border. Now Ukraine is among the top ten countries by number of requests and responses with the database of Interpol. This gives us a high guarantee that we do not fall criminal elements”, – wrote in Facebook the head of the interior Ministry Arsen Avakov.

In turn, the state border service point out that checkpoints in the ATO area biometrics the Russian citizens will not occur, they will not be able to cross the KPVV if we stopped the uncontrolled territory.

Also in uasbgs noted that the biometric control on the administrative border with the Crimea will not touch the citizens of Ukraine who reside on the Peninsula.

Recall that biometric border control works in test mode since December 27.

How does biometrics at the border