Ukraine is among the 30 most “old” countries of the world

Украина вошла в 30 самых "старых" стран мира

The proportion of older people in Ukraine is constantly growing

Ukraine’s population is aging rapid tempami. In ten years the number of people older than 60 years in Ukraine will grow by more than three percent.

Ukraine is among the top 30 most “old” countries according to the percentage number of people aged 60 years and older. Such data are the Ministry of social policy reported on Monday, 29 January, Radio liberty.

It is noted that in the 2015 year, that number was 21.8% and the national population forecast, by 2025 the majority of people over 60 will be 25%.

“In General, population aging is a global process. The number of elderly people in the population is increasing rapidly in developed countries and many developing countries. Ukraine is and will be in subsequent years, one of the oldest countries in the world”, – said the head of the Department for the elderly and provision of social services Oksana Sulima.

According to the data of the state statistics Committee, on 1 December last year, Ukraine’s population stood at 42.4 million, excluding residents of the occupied Russian Crimea. However, some experts argue that the permanent population of Ukraine is now 35 million (excluding the Crimea and part of Donbass, and given the outflow of labour migrants).

Earlier in Muncipality said that in the next 10 years will not need to raise the retirement age.

Recall, Ukraine is in fourth place in Europe to reduce the population.