Ukraine is among the leaders in the downfall of the welfare – Credit Suisse report

Украина среди лидеров по падению благосостояния населения, - отчет Credit Suisse

Ukraine entered the top three in terms of incidence of welfare for the years 2015-2016. It is stated in the report, Global Wealth report prepared by Credit Suisse.

So, Ukraine was on the penultimate place with the fall of the General welfare of domestic households by 18.5%. Figure on one adult Ukrainian 18.1 per cent.

In last place was Argentina with 27% and 28.2%, respectively.

Slightly better in the case of Russia, where the population is impoverished by 15%, the incidence per capita is 14,4%.

It is noted that the main reason for the decline was unfavorable currency fluctuations in these countries.

Most in percentage terms, increased personal income in Japan – 19%. This happened on the background of strengthening the yen against the dollar.

The aggregate state of the world’s population from mid-2015 to mid-2016 rose 1.4% to 256 trillion.

However, 89% of all the world’s assets are owned by 10% people.

Ukraine leader by the drop in market capitalization assets -96.8%.

Ukraine – together with Moldova and Belarus – also fell into the group of countries where one adult has an average of less than 5 thousand dollars. This group includes a number of African countries, India and Kazakhstan.

Most of Ukraine’s neighbors, according to Credit Suisse, the richer it: in particular, Russia, Poland and Romania belong to the group of countries where income adults are in the range from 5 to 25 thousand dollars.

Thus, according to analysts Credit Suisse, 89% of all the world’s assets are owned by 10% people.

We will remind that the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko said that Ukraine’s economy has been discharged from intensive care and is showing signs of recovery.

The IMF mission notes says that the Ukrainian economy is showing signs of recovery, inflation is slowing and international reserves of the NBU increased significantly. As expected, the economic growth will reach 1.5% in 2016 and 2.5% in 2017.