Ukraine is looking for the property of debtors of Gazprom

Украина ищет имущество должников Газпрома

The Russian Gazprom has enough assets abroad, which can be confiscated for debt at the decision of the Stockholm arbitration.

Debts to Russian gas monopoly Gazprom to Ukraine may be partially repaid by the debtor company. This was stated by the Minister of justice of Ukraine Pavel Petrenko on air of the ICTV channel on Monday, April 16.

“The fact that Gazprom has in Ukraine, we have taken in the state budget. Now we are still looking for something that is from its debtors on the territory of Ukraine. It is also a legal process and we will do it. In foreign jurisdictions, in Europe, Gazprom has a lot of assets. And those assets that are easily convertible into money. This gas in storage, and securities and cash in the accounts”, he said.

Petrenko stressed that the decision of the Stockholm arbitration is enforced in any EU country.

“The same applies to decisions of national court, which we will also recognize and provide for enforcement in the European Union”, – said the Minister.

Recall, February 28, ended a longstanding dispute between Naftogaz and Gazprom in the Stockholm arbitration court, which ordered the Russian company to pay Naftogaz 4.63 billion dollars for failure to supply the agreed volumes of gas for transit. According to the results of two arbitration of disputes between companies on supply and transit of gas to Gazprom to pay Naftogaz of 2.56 billion dollars.

Gazprom made $4.7 billion on the payment of Ukraine

Naftogaz intends to forcibly collect the Gazprom debt. Such decision was accepted in connection with refusal of Gazprom to implement the decision of the court.

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