Ukraine is moving troops to strengthen the border – Poroshenko

Украина перебрасывает войска для укрепления границ - Порошенко

The President said that Ukraine is moving troops to strengthen borders

The President said that to protect the territorial integrity and independence of the state imposed martial law in the ten border States.

All of the opportunities offered by martial law authorities, will be used to enhance the protection of the state border. The President Petro Poroshenko said during a speech at the forum 70 years of the universal Declaration of human rights: agenda for Ukraine, writes UNIAN on Monday, December 3.

Poroshenko said that to protect the territorial integrity and independence of the state imposed martial law in the border areas 10. He stressed that it is a preventive step that in no way aimed at curtailing the constitutional rights and freedoms of citizens.

“Ukraine is taking its own measures to counter the threat of full-scale Russian invasion of Ukrainian territory. And when someone says that had to use a ground path in order to draw from the land the Ukrainian ships, what it means, dear politicians? To offer to give the Strait of Kerch to the Russians? To recognize the illegal status of the occupation? As you will continue to sell the Ukrainian land?” – asked the President.

According to him, Ukraine will combat coordination of crews which are in the respective camps.

“There will be a redeployment of the relevant units to strengthen the defense of the border. Will be held military exercises in areas where martial law will be undertaken and training sessions with the reserve of the first stage,” – said Poroshenko.

Earlier, Poroshenko said he did not intend to prolong martial law.


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