Ukraine is overwhelmed with a powerful magnetic storm

Украину накрыла мощная магнитная буря

In Ukraine began a period of unstable magnetic

Magnetic storms can negatively affect the health of meteo-dependent people, and those suffering from cardiovascular diseases.

In Ukraine from Friday, August 17, began unstable magnetic period, which will end on August 21. These days the perturbation of the magnetosphere reaches 4 points. This writes

These days people may be concerned about the differential pressure, discomfort, disorders of the nervous system. In addition, such phenomena are often accompanied by headaches, migraine, palpitations, insomnia, dizziness and low tone.

During this period, doctors suggest to drink green tea to raise the tone, to walk more, not to participate in the conflict and have at hand all necessary medications, and to refrain from distant trips.

Previously, scientists predicted 20-35 magnetic storms on Earth in 2018, among which will be 2-4 large and very large.

In the Sun there was a third powerful flash


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