Ukraine is preparing off the water in LC

Украина готовит отключение воды в ЛНР

George Tuck

Authorities say the uncontrolled territory do not pay the bills.

Ukraine after December 1 will be forced to turn off the water supply beyond the control of the Lugansk region. This was announced by Deputy Minister of Ukraine on the temporarily occupied territories Georgy Tuka on the page on Facebook.

He noted that the talks in Minsk agreement was reached about creation of a Ukrainian enterprise to make payments for the consumed water in the uncontrolled territories. Also, the Ukrainian side has repaired water pipes, to install modern meters, however, are faced with “complete disregard” on the part of the representatives of the LC.

“Their representatives have simply stopped communicating, answering phone calls, not come to retrieve electronic keys from the counter. At the same time, “power” ORLO began to permanently reduce requests for supply of water,” said Tuck.

According to him, representatives of ORLO carry out water supply on the territory under their control “over the day for 3 hours”.

“The term of the agreement expires on 1st December, after which Ukraine will not remain other way how to turn off water at all,” added Tuck.

Recall recently due to attacks off the electricity to the Donetsk filtering station – without water remained part of the Avdiivka and Donetsk.