Ukraine is recognized as the most economically unfree country in Europe

Украина признана самой экономически несвободной страной Европы

Ukrainians are the poorest in Europe

The level of personal choice, protection of private property, justice, and other indicators in Ukraine is the worst among the European countries.

Ukraine is the only European country that is in the group of economically free countries in the rating of Economic freedom of the world Fraser Institute. This is evidenced by the data on the website of the Institute, released on Thursday, September 12.

Ukraine has risen in the ranking by three positions – from 138 to 135. A slight improvement is observed in such indicators as the size of the government, reliable and money freedom to trade internationally, whereas the legal system and the regulation went into decline. The worst situation is with a reliable money (159 in the world) and regulation (125), and the best – with the size of the government (43).

For comparison, Georgia first came to the group of the most free countries in 2005, and since then, except for 2009, consistently there is. In the latest version of the ranking, it ranks 12th in the world.

Poland before 2004 was in the third group, and then climbed to the second level (mostly free countries), where there is now. Based on data for the year 2017, the country came 59th place.

Russia has long been considered one of the most economically unfree countries in the world. However, in 2004 the situation has improved and, as a result, she moved from the fourth level to the third, where it stays until today (85 in the world).

One of the most successful post-Soviet countries, Estonia is always in the economically freest group since 2000 (the earliest data for 1995, even then the country was in the second group, as a consequence of liberal reforms in 90 years) and now occupies the 13th position.

The Fraser Institute rating of 2019 is based on data from 2017 and measures the economic freedom (levels of personal choice, access to markets, protection of private property, justice, and the like), analyzing policy decisions and institutions in 162 countries and territories.

Украина признана самой экономически несвободной страной Европы


How has the income of Ukrainians in three years

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