Ukraine lost its status as an exporter of pork

Украина потеряла статус экспортера свинины

In Ukraine, the volume of pork imports exceeded exports

The country is nominally retained the title of net exporter.

By year-end 2017 Ukraine imported more meat than it sold overseas. On Wednesday, January 10, said in a research report of the Association of pig producers of Ukraine.

Thus, the results of 2017 the export of pork from Ukraine in monetary terms exceeded its imports by $560 thousand, while exports of live animals – $150 thousand

“For Jan-Dec 2017 exported 4.9 thousand tonnes aggregate value of $10.5 million, whereas the import of 5.6 thousand tons of pork were worth $9.9 million So the title net exporter of pork Ukraine held only nominally,” noted the Association.

In comparison with the year 2016, the balance of foreign trade in fresh, chilled and frozen pork fell by almost 40%, and on the heading “live pigs” – almost five times.

Foreign exchange earnings through export of pork has increased two times in comparison with the previous year, and their volume in physical terms increased by 56%. However, due to the increased level of pork imports in the second half of 2017 results for 2016 was exceeded twice.

Although the volume of foreign supplies of bait fish has increased slightly (+8% by 2016), but due to the higher selling prices allowed to earn more than $4.5 million.

We will remind, earlier it was reported that Belarus has introduced temporary restrictions on pork imports from Odessa, Luhansk, Vinnytsia and Rivne regions in connection with outbreaks in these areas African swine fever.