Ukraine may exclude from the scope of the duties of the U.S.

Украину могут исключить из-под действия пошлин США

Sales representative Nataliya Mykolska has negotiated to exclude Ukraine from the list of countries against whom there are duties.

Ukrainian metallurgists can rely on the exception from the application of duties on deliveries to the USA of steel and aluminum. This was reported the Deputy head of the Ministry of economy, trade representative of Ukraine Nataliya Mykolska after talks with representatives of the government of the United States.

“We believe that we can seriously rely on the exception from the operation of these duties. The United States is pretty seriously consider the arguments submitted by Ukraine,” said Gaina.

The Ministry stressed that the US has already ruled out some countries from the scope of the duties, and Ukraine intends to become one of them.

There is the toll-number countries, that have otrimali wykluczenia z-pid d wsego Mita for import Stal alumni to the United States, and Ukraine pragna the way odnu them. The fact nedavno our delegation held negotiations Vdovin s predstavnicima Uryadov US. About TSE @mykolska in the commentary for @ICTV_Fakty .

— Minekonomrazvitiya (@mineconomdev) June 11, 2018

We will remind, the administration of U.S. President Donald trump has decided to introduce duties on imports of steel and of aluminium from the European Union, Canada and Mexico. The new duties came into force at midnight on 1 June.