Ukraine may receive patrol boats from USA

Украина может получить патрульные катера из США

Ukraine has decided to increase the naval forces

In the leadership of the Navy claim that it is not second-hand.

Ukraine has entered the final stage of negotiations for obtaining second-hand warships of countries-members of NATO. This was stated by first Deputy commander of the Navy of Ukraine Andriy Tarasov in Kyiv on 7 channel.

He sees a potential “receipt from other countries of ships, the usage period which ended, or they were replaced by other ships with great potential.”

“It is rather productive, there are some results. I reveal nuances will not. But approached the finish line negotiations on patrol boats like Islands of the United States,” – said Tarasov.

He assured that these ships fully operational.

“People surely understand, this is not second-hand. The ship that retrieved from NATO countries, he was kept in such condition that its combat capabilities remain unchanged in fact. For example, for vehicle class missile boat the age of 20 – quite normal,” – said Tarasov.

As reported Корреспондент.netUkraine will buy second-hand NATO ships. As stated by the commander of the Navy Igor Voronchenko, Ukraine can receive these ships for special payment schemes.

We will remind that by 2020, Ukraine plans to build about 30 warships and boats.

Ukraine will resume the program of creation of the new Corvette