Ukraine must continue with macroeconomic stabilization, Miklos

Украина должна продолжать макроэкономическую стабилизацию, - Миклош

Ukraine needs to continue macroeconomic stabilization and accelerate privatization. This was at the briefing said the Advisor to the Prime Minister of Ukraine Ivan Miklos.

“What is most important, the most important to continue macroeconomic stabilization. Specifically to do the steps to the goal of deficit reduction were performed when there are risks, there are some risks. Then we need to do specific steps, or to increase income or reduce costs to continue to stabilize the banking sector and liberalization of the foreign exchange market is very, very important. Only will be executed when the conditions of the IMF, the country will receive money. When I get the money, the reserves will allow then to liberalize trade with currency, which is administratively linked, because it is necessary. Then, what you need to do specifically, it is necessary to accelerate structural institutional reforms, it is necessary to accelerate the fight against corruption and to combat corruption, for example, is very important specific, specifically to speed up privatization,” he said.

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He noted that it is also necessary to improve cooperation with the Verkhovna Rada.

“Ukraine is not a problem that we didn’t know what to do, the problem is that it should be done. And the problem is that it is necessary to improve also the cooperation with BP, because the majority of the reforms should be done through new bills, the bills must be reconciled,” – said Miklos.

Recall that the Polish reformer Leszek Balcerowicz said that in Ukraine the economic growth and it will continue if they continue to reform.

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