Ukraine national Futsal team is targeting medals in the European championship

Сборная Украины по футзалу нацелилась на медали чемпионата Европы

Alexander Kosenko

Alexander Kosenko told about the goals that are set for the team at the continental championship.

The coach of the national team of Ukraine on football Aleksandr Kosenko appreciated the readiness of the team’s performance at Euro 2018.

“At five o’clock in the morning of 29 January depart for the European championship. Stay in a five star hotel in Ljubljana, there are three rooms, where we will prepare for the matches.

If we talk about the functional status of the Futsal players before the start of the Euro, it is not bad. However, there are some shortcomings, on removing which to work.

What are the aims of the team in the tournament? Leadership announced the task – to get to the top three winners,” said Kosenko official site of the FFU.

Recall that our Futsal team will start its performance at the European championship February 2, the match with Romania (the game kicks off at 21.45 Kyiv time). The second meeting will take place on February 4 with the team of Portugal (19.00). From the group in the 1/4 finals will be two best teams. All tournament matches will take the capital of Slovenia – Ljubljana.

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