Ukraine national team reached the playoffs in the championship in volleyball for the first time since 1997

Сборная Украины вышла в плей-офф ЧЕ по волейболу впервые с 1997 года

The Ukrainian national team on volleyball left in the playoffs TH

Ukraine in three sets beat Estonia in the fourth round of the group stage.

Ukrainian men’s team volleyball went to the playoffs of the European championship which take France, Slovenia, Belgium and the Netherlands.

In the fourth round of the group stage, our team in three sets defeated the rivals from Estonia with the score 25:17, 25:15, 25:14.

Prior to this, wards of state krastiņš beat the Czech Republic and Montenegro, but lost to the Netherlands.

Victory in the final stage over the Czech Republic became the Ukrainian national team for the first since 1997 years.

Recall that the output of the command on the European championship was the first since 2005.

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