Ukraine overpaid for gas nearly three billion – Watermelon

Украина переплатила за газ почти три миллиарда – Арбузов

Naturgas bought the blue fuel in the winter at the peak prices, according to former first Deputy Prime Minister.

Due to the fact that Naftogaz last year a third volume of gas purchased during the last two winter months, when the price was highest, Ukraine has overpaid for natural gas is about 2.6 billion. About this on his page in Facebook wrote ex-head of NBU, former first Deputy Prime Minister Sergei Arbuzov.

The “store in spring after the heating season was almost empty, it would seem that the time to buy. But no, Naftogaz sat on collected the Ukrainians 23 billion gr. (at the end of the first half) and missed the best price months – from March to June. During the heating season, the monopoly came with a minimum inventory in storage and in the end, 33% of the total annual volume of gas bought in just the last two months of the year, at an average price of $ 224 per thousand cubic meters, if you believe the state statistics Committee. In early summer, I recall, the price was $182-184. For comparison, in November-December 2015 was purchased only 8% of the annual volume,” he wrote.

In his opinion, to buy gas in the winter, at the peak price, may be the only one who doesn’t care about consumers.

“It is easy to calculate the losses of population and budget, which pays subsidies. Even if we assume that the gas would be bought not for $182 (on the minimum) and $191 (average purchase price in the first 10 months of the year), the carelessness of the top managers of Naftogaz cost the country $103 million or UAH 2.6 billion. at the average exchange rate,” calculated Watermelons.

Earlier it was reported that at the beginning of March in the Ukrainian underground gas storage facilities were the largest reserves in Europe – more than 8.2 billion cubic meters.