Ukraine: Resolution of the Russian Federation peacekeepers “raw”

Украина: Резолюция РФ по миротворцам "сырая"

Ukraine will contribute its resolution

Ukraine will make its option in the Donbass after approval with other countries.

Ukraine will offer its own version of the initiative on the introduction of the UN peacekeeping mission in the Donbass after consultation with the partner countries. This was stated by first Deputy Minister of foreign Affairs Vadym Prystayko, reports

According to him, Ukraine needs to agree with partners the text of the resolution in order for the peacekeeping mission could begin its work.

“Writing initiative will be when we can get our partners to agree on a text that will be available for adoption. Not just to say that “I am a great peacemaker”, and to ensure that this mission could earn,” he told reporters.

Pristayko noted also that the introduction of the Russian side “raw version” of the resolution interferes with Ukraine in negotiations with partners.

“We need to stop the war in the East, and we believe that the UN should play a more active role, in particular, our initiative for peacebuilding, which now President Putin is trying to intercept, wedging his initiatives. We are not against the authorship, the main thing – to have a mission, which will allow you to move the parties to bring peace to the East,” – said the Deputy Minister.

With the initiative of President Petro Poroshenko issued in 2015, he added Pristayko. According to him, the preparation takes time because it requires funds and soldiers.

Earlier, the Kremlin suggested that the UN peacekeepers in the Donbas. Some media have analyzed why Putin agreed to a compromise on the peacekeepers.

The UN has calculated the total loss in the Donbass


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