Ukraine risks to remain without drinking water

Украина рискует остаться без питьевой воды

A number of regions of Ukraine may remain without drinking water

The reason is the termination of the operation of the plant Dniproazot, a manufacturer of liquid chlorine required for disinfection of drinking water.

In the Kyivvodokanal warned that due to the termination of the supply and stop the production of liquid chlorine at Dniproazot can be problems with subsequent disinfection of drinking water, according to the website of the company.

“In mid-June, Dneproazot, a manufacturer of liquid chlorine, which is used by utilities for disinfection of drinking water, warned that it stops the supply and stops the production of liquid chlorine. In this regard, the industry water supply and sanitation sector of Ukraine has created a difficult situation with the subsequent disinfection of drinking water,” – said in the message.

According to the company, some of the industry residual chlorine left from a week to 20 days.

Association Ukrvodokanalekologiya urgently advised the government and the national security Council about the situation and asked to intervene to resolve the issue with the supply of chlorine.

On 23 June held a meeting in the Dneprovsky regional state administration, which would have been agreed with the leadership of Dniproazot to restore the production of chlorine. But still Dniproazot not regained their jobs. The remnants of chlorine, which was at the time it stops, is fully implemented, said in Kievvodokanale.

July 5, about the situation reported at the meeting of the Interfactional Union of MPs Drinking water.

“In Ukraine there is a company that is trying to organize a large amount of chlorine in containers by road, but the issuance of permits and other procedures takes more than a year. Moreover, these specialized containers is not enough,” – noted in Kievvodokanale.

The company added that the supply of chlorine in tanks from Europe (from Romania) is very problematic.

“European tanks can’t change the wheelbase, and shall be certified on the territory of Ukraine. In tanks chlorine get Kiev, Kharkov, Krivoy Rog, Mariupol and other cities. Therefore, other alternative today than the decision of a question on term start production, no”, – explained in Kievvodokanale.

“If the plant do not urgently resume its work, in the beginning of next week supply of water in the centralized water supply network in some regions and cities of Ukraine can be significantly limited, and in some cities and completely stopped,” – noted in the enterprise.

In the Donbass damaged a major water pipeline

Earlier it was reported that Ukraine has almost completed the dam on the channel in the Crimea.

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