Ukraine – Russia: from Kiev do not need?

Украина - России: Ключи от Киева не нужны?

Ukraine responded to the conditions of Russia to cancel the recognition of the passports of the DNI and LC

So the Ministry of the occupied territories responded to the conditions of the Russian Federation invalidating passports of DNR and LNR.

Ukraine responded to the condition of Russia invalidating passports of the DNI and the LC, asking if RF keys from Kiev. This was stated by Advisor to the Minister of occupied territories and IDPs Yury Grymchak, reports the observer.

Russia today said it may cancel the decision on recognition of documents LDNR, if Kiev completely abolish the “punitive operation”, take arms, recognizes local elections will provide the Donbass special status and will cancel the blockade.

“And the keys from Kiev do not need?I have the impression that those who work on Russia, recently has such a fun practice: just that – immediately the ultimatum”, – Grymchak told, commenting on these conditions.

“I understand that they have some of their own perception of the world, but the first paragraph of the Minsk agreements that were signed in 2014 is the point about the cease-fire,” he said Grymchak.

According to him, “more than 7 days of silence, Russian troops and local collaborators can not stand”.

“I think the reaction of Ukraine will be next. We are ready to do almost anything after the fire had stopped, freed all the hostages, foreign troops have withdrawn fully disarmed fighters – I quote the points of the Minsk agreements. Ukraine is ready to even talk about the election. But I wish our troops were on our border. Let’s see what happens,” said Grymchak.

Note that the Ukraine demanded the cancellation of Putin’s decree on the recognition of the passports of the “Republic”