Ukraine sells Nord. It began with the aggravation

Украина продает Норд. С него началось обострение

Ukraine was not able to sell the Nord

Kerch seiner again put up for sale and already discounted. Lawyers say it is unlikely to buy.

Arrested by Ukrainian border guards Kerch ship Nord again put up for sale after a failed shopping 7 Nov. Now at a discount of about ten percent.

Seiner detained at the end of March, which provoked a diplomatic conflict between Ukraine and Russia, as well as worsening in the sea of Azov. Корреспондент.net tells details.

Nord sell at a discount

In October, the Ukrainian authorities decided to auction the arrested North. The vessel was built in 1989 in the city of Azov, Rostov region. Its length is 23.6 meters, width 6.5 meters, the net capacity is 32 tons.

Nord belonged to the Kerch industrial cooperative Fishing collective farm named after 1 May in Kerch. The vessel was engaged in fishing for goby and sprat in the Azov sea.

The starting price of the Nord at the auction on 7 November was 1.6 million. However, they did not take place due to the rejection of applications of all 12 potential buyers.

The official reason for the rejection of applications was not called. He learned the Ukrainian service of DW, the auction failed as nobody made payment.

It again put up for sale discounted up to ten percent from the initial offer.

Thus the management of the farm considers the estimated cost of the seiner already too low.

The answer is sanctions. Kiev detained a ship loaded with “LC”

“The ship is at least three times more. Besides, ours is the only Navy no more,” complains the head of the company Sergey Leskov.

However, he is not going to challenge the arrest of the vessel and its sale, as the case of the Nord “political”.

The lawyer of the enterprise Dmitry Shcherbina from Kiev says that the boat is unlikely to buy, because the Nord will be a “toxic asset”.

“The Azov sea will delay the first boat of Russian border guards to return the owner,” he said.


The ship Kiev are expensive to maintain

Kherson city court arrested Nord in April at the request of the Prosecutor of Crimea, which is located in Kherson after the annexation.

In may, the ship was transferred to the National Agency for assets derived from corruption and other crimes, ARMA in temporary custody while the case is investigated against the captain of the Nord Vladimir Gorbenko.

“Was that your ship is no easy task. First, you have to pay for Parking at the port, and secondly, the ship, according to experts, in poor technical condition. So we decided that this way will not be able to keep its cost”, – explained the head of the legal Department ARMA Andrey Potyomkin DW.

ARMA decided to sell the confiscated ship.

“Most of the ship waiting for the conclusion of the case against the crew, however, a state may allow its implementation, for example, to offset the costs of his Parking space at the port,” – explains the lawyer.


The fate of the crew

Seven Russian sailors from the vessel Nord exchanged for seven Ukrainians in the framework of the agreement between Moscow and Kiev, said Russian Ombudsman Tatyana Moskalkova 30 Oct.

According to her, the exchange took place according to the scheme of seven, and the sailors of the Nord returned to annexed Crimea. The captain of a vessel Vladimir Gorbenko continues to be on the mainland of Ukraine.

In the opposite direction from the Crimea went to the seamen of the Ukrainian vessel yamk-0041, who was detained off the coast of the Peninsula in may for illegal fishing.

In the state border service of Ukraine said that the Russian side released the detained Ukrainian sailors because “they are not to blame”.

“The messages disseminated by the Russian media is manipulative and does not correspond to reality speaking about the exchange, because all citizens are Ukrainians”, – stated in the message.

The assistant to the head of state frontier service Oleg Slobodyan said that the Kerch seamen of the vessel were held at the territory of mainland Ukraine, the Russian diplomats.

“We told them that they as citizens of Ukraine can every day to go to the place of permanent residence. They are any day could freely cross admingranitsu and go to their families. If you have to say about forcible confinement, it took place with representatives of the diplomatic corps of Russia, because sailors were constantly under their control, under their pressure,” – he said on 1 November on Radio Crimea.Realities

In turn, Ukrainian Ombudsman Lyudmila Denisova has officially confirmed a return to the mainland Ukraine of the seven crew members of two vessels – NMR-0041 and at 21-05 who had been held by Russian security forces in Crimea.

According to the Ombudsman, the Ukrainians in the annexed Peninsula was illegally taken away passports, which made their return home possible.

“I want to emphasize: it was not an exchange. The sailors of the vessel Nord who have returned to Crimea, who moved freely through the territory of Ukraine. Them, unlike the Ukrainians in Crimea, no one held”, – said Denisov.


Aggravation in the sea of Azov

When Ukrainian border guards detained a Russian fishing vessel Nord, the situation in the Azov sea escalated. In August, the port of Kherson detained the tanker Mekhanik Pogodin.

Moscow has described Kiev’s actions as “Maritime terrorism” and intensified inspections of Ukrainian ships passing through the Kerch Strait toward Ukraine.

S-300 and Buk. As APU welayta near the Crimea

In response Kiev accused the Russian authorities in a “rigid policy of detention and inspection of ships”. The Ukrainian foreign Ministry said that Russia’s actions are legitimate.

As the assistant to the Chairman of the state border service of Ukraine Oleg Slobodyan, Russia examines the foreign trade vessels moving in the ports of Ukraine, although this has never been done before.